Zeros to Sub's

So, your not sure which to go for...Zeros or Sub's?  Well we hope the names give it away, but it's worth looking over the two FLUX gloves in the range we have today.

FLUX Zeros are made from super lightweight bi-component polyester/nylon fabric, weighing in at only 7grams each. The compression fit of the gloves will be a little lighter than the Subs in the same size as there is slightly less elastane (10% by weight).  Most importantly the thermoregulating mesh has 50% more area than the Subs, allowing sweat to evaporate straight off the skin. This attribute gives the most efficient cooling effect possible and allows the hand to work like an active radiator...'open the hand to cool, close the hand to warm'.  The lightweight and breathable nature of the Zeros means that you'll want to start wearing these at around 8 degrees Celsius (46F).

If your looking for a little more insulation then the FLUX Sub's are still light and compact using microfiber nylon fabric and a little more elastane (18%), but weighing only 16grams each.  The mesh area is reduced by 50% to balance the heat build up of the body and the heat release from the hands, in what are likely to be quite cold conditions (you brave fool !).

Both these FLUX gloves are about comfort and performance in cold conditions, but 8 degrees C is a lot different to 3 degrees C, so these gloves are developed differently to maintain that unique balance between being too cold and being comfortable during sweaty winter pursuits across a wider temperature range.


Ross Weir
Ross Weir