Last Sunday Keelan (who's team created our website & packaging @ me&him) and I rode the Norwich 100 around the beautiful county of Norfolk...pity about the rain and wind. However, that was all made up for by the great banter between us as we ticked off the miles.  Keelan, a seasoned sportive rider, was kind enough to be my wind break, and it was much appreciated. If I ever get as fit as Keelan, I'll return the favour one day. 

Rather than the HYperlights, which I tucked into my bib pocket just in case, I wore the FLUX zeros as it was a little cooler with the rain and wind & the early morning start. They did me proud, keeping my hands comfortable all the way and drying out fast when the rain finally stopped halfway round.  My first 100 in the saddle has me looking forward to a couple more over the summer and autumn.  It's a great opportunity to test out new ideas for apparel and gear (I had a couple of prototype products on my bike) and to see what the keenest cyclists are up to.

Run Hard, Ride Far

Ross Weir 


For Kickstarter we offered some sweet personalised retroreflective logos, these were really popular and people got really creative.

Above is the awesome logo for the London Frontrunners

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Born on Kickstarter...

February 10, 2015

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Hy athletic was born on Kickstarter, the successful campaign drew support from over 300 backers.

Now FLUX are available to the rest of the world.

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