Zeros are your Heros!

January 18, 2019

Zeros have proven to be such a favourite we are focusing on these gloves for 2019 and 2020. Subs might be redeveloped in the future, as we felt they needed to bring even better performance, perhaps going electric. Watch this space!

Stay toasty and enjoy the run.



It's time to wrap up

November 20, 2017

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From crisp blue sky days to wind driven hail, the Zeros have been put to good use here in the open countryside of Norfolk

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Women's Running got wind of the Flux Zeros and asked for a pair to test out.  We gladly obliged and they have kindly reviewed the gloves in the January issue and online. Check it out!

Zeros to Sub's

November 03, 2015

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So, your not sure which to go for...Zeros or Sub's?  Well we hope the names give it away, but it's worth looking over the two FLUX gloves in the range we have today.

FLUX Zeros are made from super lightweight bi-component polyester/nylon fabric, weighing in at only 7grams each. The compression fit of the gloves will be a little lighter than the Subs in the same size as there is slightly less elastane (10% by weight).  Most importantly the thermoregulating mesh has 50% more area than the Subs, allowing sweat to evaporate straight off the skin. This attribute gives the most efficient cooling effect possible and allows the hand to work like an active radiator...'open the hand to cool, close the hand to warm'.  The lightweight and breathable nature of the Zeros means that you'll want to start wearing these at around 8 degrees Celsius (46F).

If your looking for a little more insulation then the FLUX Sub's are still light and compact using microfiber nylon fabric and a little more elastane (18%), but weighing only 16grams each.  The mesh area is reduced by 50% to balance the heat build up of the body and the heat release from the hands, in what are likely to be quite cold conditions (you brave fool !).

Both these FLUX gloves are about comfort and performance in cold conditions, but 8 degrees C is a lot different to 3 degrees C, so these gloves are developed differently to maintain that unique balance between being too cold and being comfortable during sweaty winter pursuits across a wider temperature range.


HY again...I don't know about you, but as we flip the calendar over to September I start to think about what gear I am going to be needing for the autumn and winter.  This year I have started early, the first new gear arrived today from ON Running. 

ON have been in the market for a while now and I was lucky enough to meet the founders at the ISPO sports show when they first launched the company and learn about their unique outsole design - the cloud.

The rubber clouds cushion both vertical and horizontal forces to soften the landing. The Clouds then lock to provide a foundation for takeoff. It's an interesting concept and one I am looking forward to trying out...




With interest in the Sub-Zero gloves growing we are busy working on a new version which includes a new fabric and key functional features.  Here's a little taster...

Last Sunday Keelan (who's team created our website & packaging @ me&him) and I rode the Norwich 100 around the beautiful county of Norfolk...pity about the rain and wind. However, that was all made up for by the great banter between us as we ticked off the miles.  Keelan, a seasoned sportive rider, was kind enough to be my wind break, and it was much appreciated. If I ever get as fit as Keelan, I'll return the favour one day. 

Rather than the HYperlights, which I tucked into my bib pocket just in case, I wore the FLUX zeros as it was a little cooler with the rain and wind & the early morning start. They did me proud, keeping my hands comfortable all the way and drying out fast when the rain finally stopped halfway round.  My first 100 in the saddle has me looking forward to a couple more over the summer and autumn.  It's a great opportunity to test out new ideas for apparel and gear (I had a couple of prototype products on my bike) and to see what the keenest cyclists are up to.

Run Hard, Ride Far

Ross Weir 


Today I did my final long ride the week before the Norwich 100.  It was a great training ride, nothing ballistic here, but I got to chase down a couple of fellow riders when I was feeling fresh...and feel the humbling experience of being chased down too once my legs had a few miles on them!  The weather went from cool, to hot, to wet; it really provided a great opportunity to test the HYperlights out in all conditions. 

Firstly, the gloves are so light and well fitted that you don't feel them.  You get a glove free feel, which I personally love, as I have always struggled with the standard stiff and bulky offering causing me discomfort, particularly in between my fingers.  The HYperlight's comfort lasts mile after mile. 

When the sun was out and I had a good sweat on, I was regularly wiping my brow and lip with the glove, which kept me feeling fresh and comfortable.  When the sun hid, the gloves kept my paws warm enough without being the cause of sweaty hands.  When it rained, everything got wet fast.  But the HYperlights dried out fast after the deluge due to light weight and hybrid fabric.By the time I got into the last few miles the gloves were once again dry.

We didn't really know if such an extreme road cycling glove would appeal, until we tried it. 

Ride safe, Run far...


HY athletic

The FLUX gloves have been selected for an innovation showcase in Paris and soon 500 people with a passion for the most innovative products will be getting their hands on the FLUX Zeros for the first time.  The showcase deals with 'change' and FLUX was selected for the way it hands the transitions that occur as we exercise.

Keep an eye in the website for more info.

For Kickstarter we offered some sweet personalised retroreflective logos, these were really popular and people got really creative.

Above is the awesome logo for the London Frontrunners

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