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Anna Leather, long distance runner - Jan 2015

I was lucky enough to test my pair the Flux Zero gloves at the weekend ... 9 am 17.1.14, -1C, South Derbyshire, snow flurry, very icy. My running pal Louise and I both suffer from really cold hands running and it always takes a few miles to get the circulation into fingers. We thought it would be interesting to compare the Flux gloves with a winter-weight running glove – so we each wore a Flux and the alternate glove. 2 miles in and we both had numb and painful fingers in the alternate glove – with the thumb being the most painful. It felt like the other glove actually trapped the cold air in! Although our thumbs were cold in the Flux glove, they weren’t painful and none of our fingers were numb. The hand in the Flux glove warmed up much faster, too. 3 miles in and we were both ready to take off the thicker running glove = sweaty palms! But we were happy to keep wearing the Flux glove as it kept the finger tips toasty whilst the rest of the hand never felt too warm and didn’t sweat, either. So the verdict – we both found that winter-weight gloves are not only bulkier but far less efficient at keeping your fingers warm. These gloves are great!

HY - Hey Anna, send us a snap of you guys out running in your Flux gloves, and thanks for the feedback.

Robert - March 2015

I was was super careful putting them on and taking them off, working the fingers individually into place. Once on, they were like a second skin. I'm getting excited about going running in the cold again...

HY - Thanks Robert, we're excited for this winters weather...bring it on.

Neil - March 2015

The running gloves arrived in the post today, really impressed with the quality and fit.

HY - Neil, no worries, thanks for being one of the first customers. 

Brigid - April 2015

Just got mine! I was also suprised by the size, but the fit is great. I wish I had them on my run this am. I can't wait to use them tomorrow. Fabulous job!

HY - Brigid, the size and stretch is striking isn't it.  This means they are as light and compact as possible. Form following function...but they look so good too!

Robert - April 2015

They arrived today! COOL! My first reaction was "My huge paws are never going to fit in those!". The are TINY. But boy was I wrong. They are the first running gloves I have ever tried that have fingers that are actually long enough. Nice and snug and super comfy. I love them already. But... Now I have to wait for cold weather to turn up again :-( Cheers!

HY - Thanks for the positive feedback Robert. They certainly do stretch! its the stretch that opens up the mesh and also keeps them light and compact off your hands. You do need to work them onto the hand the first couple of times, and when you take them off pull them gently fingers first so they stay they stay right side out. Take care with them, they are more delicate than a bog standard glove. Let me know how your first cold run goes...I'd like to know if you experience the temp control effect.

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