FLUX ZEROs - cool weather running gloves


The worlds best running gloves

FLUX ZEROs were developed for environmental temperatures get chilly.  Tested using FLIR thermal imaging technology, the gloves are an elegant and simple design that allows smart runners to better control the temperature of their hands on chilly runs.  

Size Guide

With the hand held straight, a ruler placed at the base of the middle finger, measure down the base of the palm. What's your FLUX size? On the borderline...we'd recommend to go up a size.

  • Less than 95mm = SMALL
  • 96mm to 109mm = MEDIUM
  • Over 110mm = LARGE

Download Size Guide to print

How to measure your hand

Tech Facts

  • No more sweaty hands, we got climate control here!
  • Only 7g...super light
  • 200gsm insulation
  • Ultra compact for stowing in a running belt or pocket

Extra Information

Too many times have we, as runners, been fed up with hot, clammy and sweaty hands when running in our standard gloves. The only options are, to take them off, grin and bear it, or throw the gloves away! All of this breaks our stride & we just want to enjoy the run!

So, we designed our own!  FLUX gloves use a novel mesh pattern incorporated in the palm and fingers of the glove.  This allows the runner to control the temperature of the hand and release the build up of sweat. Simply open the hand to cool & close the hand to warm. The clever design uses a unique robotic knitting technology to deliver true functionality and comfort. Smart hey!

During rigorous field testing the temperature of the hand was measured using a thermal camera; the gloves allowed a 5C range of control in the FLUX gloves. Not only do the gloves provide climate control you can feel, they are also only a 10th of the weight of some standard running gloves, being super small they are easy to fit in your pocket or running belt.

FLUX Zeros are made from super lightweight bi-component polyester/nylon fabric, weighing in at only 7grams each. The gloves are designed to have a light compression fit to help open up the palm mesh and allowing sweat to evaporate straight off the skin = dry hands. This attribute gives the most efficient drying effect possible and allows the hand to work like an active radiator...'open the hand to cool, close the hand to warm'.  The lightweight and breathable nature of the Zeros means that you'll want to start wearing these at around 8 degrees Celsius (46F).

Patent 1416642.5 GB